Elevon Set Up - Need Help

Hello, it seems the only way I can get the elevens set up and working correctly on my wing is to enable elevens in my Transmitter. I also nicked the eleven button in RC Set Up. The Servo Set Up screen does not nor never did open for me to assign values or change parameters.
I am using a Spektrum DX8 plugged in as PWM mode. I am unable to plug in as PPM.

The wing responds correctly to stick input as well as response when tilted or pitched.

Thanks for any help that can be sent my way.

Your question is lacking a few details:

  1. Arduplane version
  2. Hardware
    Since you mentioned PWM input, I suspect you are using the very outdated APM2.x, with a equally outdated Arduplane version.
    Am I right?

I am using Arduplane V3.4.0, I was able to get this working by resetting my transmitter to normal wing type and going to Full Parameter List and putting a value of 80 in Elevon Output 1 on Elevon Mixing Elevon Reverse 1…movements are correct in Radio Calibration.

I am now having issues with not being able to change Flight Modes on my TX and show on Mission Planner.

Thank you for the help

I have been able to solve all issues by activating CH5 instead of CH8 for the flight modes as well as maximizing the throws in both directions for my Flight Mode switch…I didn’t realize I had to make these changes within the Advanced Parameters section prior to implementing them within APM