Elevon_output what if apm fails in flight?

Hi guys

Firstly I apoligise in advance if this a silly question, I am new to apm.

I’m currently building a fx-61 phantom With apm 2.6 and intend on using the new elevon_output method where no mixing is done on then Tx.

So with the old method mixing being carried out on the TX, if the apm rebooted or simply failed in flight provided I had a sperate bec for my servos and Rx I’m assuming I might be able to get home without the apm in play? I’ve kind of tested this on the bench and it seems all control surface still operate…ish as expected.

Using the new method if apm goes down, my control surfaces are not working as they should as of coarse the apm is not there to do the mixing. Is this correct? Am I’m missing something or generally talking garbage :wink: which method should I use?

Just a bit confused at the moment, thanks in advance

If your APM fails in flight, you won’t get any signal to your servos and it will crash. It doesn’t matter if there is elevon mixing, they won’t move.
There are some solutions to this, but given your aircraft type I don’t think it’s needed.

Ah ok. Thanks for the response. I could have sworn when I did a quick bench test that even with the apm powered down but in circuit that it passed through the signal from the rx to the servos. guess I must be mistaken.