Elevon Config in Transmitter and Mission Planner

I am using APM 3.1 on a wing. Do I need to config the transmitter as a wing (Elevons) and also config Elevons in the Radio Calibration screen? This is what I have done and everything appears to be working and flying fine in Manual and FBWA but when I do the radio calibration the PWM value (because of the transmitter mix) does not line up with the red line unless the control is in a corner position. I am getting ready to try auto tune and want to be sure I have an OK set up. Only using Elevons in the MP setup does not give me movement of the Elevons.

It doesn’t sound like you are using the recommended way to set things up for a wing. Read this wiki page:

plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/reversi … evon-mode/