Electrical advice sought=receiver/ESC noise

Hello my Ardu friends im building a special quad all will be revealed soon, but basically at the moment the 4 in 1 esc is sitting atop of the receiver and it arms ok but almost as soon as I fly it goes into fail safe would this be caused by electrical noise and if so if I wrap the offending esc and receiver in copper tape will this help,many thank’s in advance

Try grounding the copper foil. I do that on all copper foil installations on any of my machines and it seems to help.
I actually use a combination of aluminum foil and copper foil. You can solder to the copper foil so easy to attach a wire for grounding.

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Thank you Ricky will give that a try and hopefully cures it from going into fail safe.

p/s just ground it to the battery negative

Ya Marty thats what I do, tie it to negative.

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Thank’s Ricky for that

Let me know if it helps Marty.


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