EKF3 stopped aiding when yawing.

Hello everyone. I am having a strange issue and i don’t know what is the cause of it. Could you help me with that?
I am flying indoor with a small UAV, which has a lidar sensor, a localization camera and 2 cygbots. In order to scan the place and get all the data i am doing some yaw movements, where the UAV is a bit unstable but it manages to stay in position more or less. When it starts the descent movement i am doing a yaw in order to get it to 0 degrees, and afterwards it starts to descent. But that moment FC cuts off everything and disarms the UAV during the flight for some reason. And this happens in every flight at the same point. This happens only when i am doing the yaw movements. if the UAV flies without these movements then this doesn’t happen. I have checked the radio failsafe and the ekf failsafe params, but i have disabled both and it doesn’t solve this. So i am out of ideas here. The yaw movement that i am doing is from 105 degrees to -105 degrees. Also, I am using firmware 4.3. Thank you.
Here is the parameters of the flight controller.
KakuteParams.txt (29.8 KB)

This is the log file of one of the flights that this occured.

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These are the discussion related

1970-01-01 10:11:17.875 Event: DATA_AUTO_ARMED
1970-01-01 10:11:18.867 Event: DATA_MOTORS_INTERLOCK_ENABLED
1970-01-01 10:11:19.372 Event: DATA_NOT_LANDED
1970-01-01 10:12:42.153 Error: Subsys EKFCHECK ECode 2
1970-01-01 10:12:42.153 EKF variance
1970-01-01 10:12:42.153 Error: Subsys FAILSAFE_EKFINAV ECode 1
1970-01-01 10:12:42.153 EKF Failsafe: changed to LAND Mode
1970-01-01 10:12:43.545 Error: Subsys CRASH_CHECK ECode 1
1970-01-01 10:12:43.545 Crash: Disarming: AngErr=160>30, Accel=0.4<3.0

  • you didn’t get all of those failsafes…
    Also, you fell out of the sky because one of your motors failed:
    thanasis — Today at 06:51
    @Peter Barker Yeah i saw that ekf failsafe and i disabled it afterwards. I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do, but it did the same thing without the warnings and the errors. Ok i did not see that with the motor. But from what i have seen so far, it cuts off all the motors not just one. Do you have any idea or any suggestions about it and how to fix it? And why is this happening when i am doing a yaw rotation and not when i am flying straight, up and down?
    Peter Barker — Today at 06:51
    Nope, the failsafes are there to stop vehicles flying into peoples faces - leave them on :slightly_smiling_face:
    It’s possible there’s some sort of power issue - but lose two motors and you will be going down.
    If you lose one corner the other will also go to minimum throttle - which is what you can see in the graph there.
    … actually,
    current drops to zero while it thinks it is running those other props. Is this a 4-way ESC?
    thanasis — Today at 06:57
    Yes it is 4in1 esc.
    Peter Barker — Today at 06:57
    JamesPattison — Today at 06:58
    two motors cutting out when yawing could simply be incorrect endpoints…
    thanasis — Today at 06:59
    Yeah that is weird, because all the other sensors are working, as well as the companion computer. only the motors stop working. and does a sound like tourourou tourourou tourourou :smile: . keeps beeping for some seconds and then all normal again.
    thanasis — Today at 07:02
    The flight controller is actually a kakute H7. but the parameters that i am using are the same. i can upload you the params of kakute. That is why i am using 4in1 esc. Sorry about that.
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