EKF3/IMU failures - diagnosis

About 3 weeks ago, I had a rough landing because my copter started an apparent toilet-bowl while test flying in loiter in my back yard. The previous flight had been a compass_learn=3 compass calibration flight. The rough landing damaged my props.

Today was my first opportunity to fly again - with new props and Storm32 gimbal swapped to an Alexmos gimbal.

I made 3 flights today. The first two experienced EKF3/IMU problems as indicated in the mavlink messages and poor handling. The third was normal.

If anyone has a bit of time to spare, I’d really appreciate some help examining my BIN files to see if the source of the problem can be determined - so I don’t have to just be “lucky” to keep flying.

Flight #1 - I set COMPASS_LEARN=4 for in-flight compass calibration. The compass calibration made it to about 85% complete before handling started to deteriorate and I noticed error messages on my YAAPU mavlink message display.

Here’s the first bin file: Dropbox - 2022-02-10 14-53-55 - first.bin - Simplify your life

I then did a manual compass calibration on the ground.

Flight #2 - This was a very short flight with COMPASS_LEARN=0 since I calibrated the compass manually on the ground. This flight seemed better - but still experienced some EKF3/IMU error messages.

Here’s the second BIN file: Dropbox - 2022-02-10 15-00-01 - second.bin - Simplify your life

Flight #3 - I tried another flight - this time in LOITER - but keeping fairly close to the ground. (helpful having LIDAR) This flight experienced no EKF3/IMU problems that I could find. I also landed, and took off - so there were really two flights in this BIN file.

Here’s the third BIN file: Dropbox - 2022-02-10 15-11-43 - third.bin - Simplify your life

In case it’s helpful, here are text files with the mavlink messages from these 3 flights:

First Flight Mavlink Messages.txt (12.4 KB)

Second Flight Mavlink Messages.txt (14.2 KB)

Third Flight Mavlink Messages.txt (34.9 KB)

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!

It’s set to 3 in this log. The third.bin log it’s set to 0.

Ah - yes, my mistake. I must have done the manual compass calibration after the second flight.

Do you suppose there might be a bug of some sort the causes the EKF3/IMU problems when COMPASS_LEARN=3?

Perhaps you could call it a bug or it’s expected behavior while the compass offsets are in flux (no pun intended :grinning:).

Not funny - the problem cost me a set of expensive props.

And not sure how having the compass offsets being calibrated would influence hovering in Stabilize. Especially since this has worked so well before.