EKF2 related crash?

Hello, so today I was doing a flight test with the drone, taking off in stabilize and just as gaining some height, changing to loiter, after that, it went haywire.

It was strange because we had just calibrated both external compasses following the wiki rules, like no cellphones or metal near the compass, in a field far from metal constructions and the compass are very far from the power lines(130 mm), the gps was 3d fix.

Another strange thing that happened is that it appears the telemetry stopped transmitting mid flight and the last messages from the telemetry log are:
EKF2 IMU1 tilt alignment complete
EKF2 IMU1 initial yaw alignment complete
EKF2 IMU0 initial yaw alignment complete
EKF2 IMU1 in-flight yaw alignment complete

I tried reviewing the dataflash, but it has so much information and I am still kinda a newbie that I can’t seem to make sense of the information,can someone help ?

Telemetry(It takes a while until flight starts, 70 ~80%)


You were never in Loiter mode, it was Stabilize all along, Then you hit something and crashed…


what is this software you used to show the parameters?
it look way cleaner than mission planner’s

APMPlanner …

You couldn’t have been in Loiter anyway because I don’t see where you have set that as a Flight mode or a Channel option. Looks like you are flying on defaults and no battery logging. Skipped a lot of pre-maiden flight work…

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Hello @dkemxr, could you be more specific? I did all of the configuration steps, calibration of the Accelerometers, the two compasses away from everything metalic or that could produce interference during ,radio calibration, esc calibration, set the motor range,checked the directions of the motors, it passed all pre arm checks, the gps was 3d fixed

Go here:

The short cut version if you don’t want to read it is to connect to Mission Planner and hit Alt>A for the tuning plug-in. Enter the info as prompted and make the parameter changes as suggested.

so the problem was that I didn’t follow the tuning process instructions?

I don’t know but it’s certainly advisable to set the Initial Tuning parameters in any case. As @Eosbandi said some event happened ~1184s and it had nothing to do with a mode [that didn’t] change.