Ekf2 imu1 forced reset

Hi ,
I am getting ekf2 imu1 forced reset in version v4.0.1 , v4.0.2 , v4.0.3. I am not aware how serious this message is , So I haven’t flew my Hexa.

I have shared the image of the messages.
The logs are also attached.

Thank you ,

EKF2 IMU1 FORCED RESET V4.0.1.tlog (418.0 KB) EKF2 IMU1 FORCED RESET V4.0.2 …tlog (315.0 KB) EKF2 IMU1 FORCED RESET.tlog (273.4 KB)

I am trying to set up a SITL framework and I am encountering the same set of messages. Were you able to fix this issue?