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EKF variance error with Pozyx

Hello. I’m having an issue with getting the Pozyx works for the ArduRover.

I’ve followed all the steps in I don’t need the Z coordinate, so I configure the IndoorLoiter to run 2.5 D positioning.

The global position latitude & longitude data are always 0. It never jump to the BCN_LATITUDE and BCN_LONGITUDE as I expected. Pozyx serial output looks fine though. I’ve also checked the DataFlash Log and all the BCN data looks normal.

I noticed that I always get EKFCHECK-2. Based on what I read, it means there are at least 2 variance errors on the EKF. I initially tried EKF2, then I switched to EKF3, but the result is the same. Here are the logs and parameters:

I am not sure whether the error is caused by wrong parameter settings or hardware setup. FYI, I do not use compass or GPS.

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

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