EKF Variance caused from PI Camera


I have issue with the Pi-Camera, every time when i start the video feed the pixhawk return error EKF Variance.

I don’t know how the camera affect FC.

The configuration is drone with Pixhawk1 connected with USB to Raspberry PI 3B+

It has been well documented that the Pi camera cable is the cause of interference.
You need to shield that cable to prevent or at least reduce RF interference.
There are special copper tapes available to use for such purpose - just search on eBay and you’ll get many to choose from.
A much cheaper and faster fix is to use household aluminium foil.

Here is how I’ve done it:

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Pi cameras are terrible for interference, they will jam GPS receivers without a lot of shielding. the version 2 camera is much better but its still bad. copper or aluminium tape is the best way but your better avoiding the pi camera.