EKF inconsistent (can cause crash!)

Hi. I’m using ArduCopter 4.1.1.
When I fly the quadcopter in Stabilize mode, the EKF suddenly crashed and I get several errors in Qground.
Does anyone know why this happened?
Here is my log:

The GPS antennas are getting too much interference. Please move them away from other electronics.
And update to ArduCopter 4.1.3.

Sorry for my mistake.
I’m using ArduCopter 4.1.3.
But my question is that the absence of GPS or signal interference should not disrupt the operation of other modes(like Stabilize or AltHold)?
Can this problem caused by my hardware?
I’m using pixhawk1 from 3DR.


It looks like the EKF’s attitude estimate went bad because the 1st IMU became unhealthy. I’m not sure what issue it hit but I suspect it is a hardware failure of some sort. We can see the IMU.GH and AH (gyro health and accelerometer health) change to zero during the flight.

It looks like the accelerometrs and gyros still kept providing data so I’m not completely sure what is wrong.

If it were me I would probably replace the autopilot but it is also possible replace to disable the first IMU by setting INS_USE to 0. Alternatively you can set EK3_IMU_MASK to “2” to tell the AHRS library to only start a single EKF lane using the 2nd IMU.

By the way, I notice the autopilot has the “fmuv3” version of the AP software. These days we normally recommend using the more specifically named versions. So for example the “Pixhawk1” firmware might be better although I think in this case it doesn’t make a difference.

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