EKF Failsafe Event with Seemingly Good Sensor Health

Hi All,

We have been having an issue with a copter that we can not identify. During ground testing we armed the copter with no propellers and received an EKF failsafe. The log messages under EKF4, 9, & 14 seem to show the position, heading, and velocity estimates are healthy. We can not find what triggered the error. If anyone has time, can they look at the log and see what they can find?

Log File

Copter Info

  • Cube Orange Flight Controller
  • Dual GPS
    • Primary: Serial+i2c Here2
    • Secondary: UAVCAN Here 2
  • Compasses
    • Primary: Primary Here2 unit
    • Secondary: Cube orange internal (compass2 use = 0)
    • Tertiary: Secondary Here2 unit
  • Lightware i2c Rangefinder
  • 12S Power System