EKF Compass issue Here2 and Z vibrations

Last couple of days on a Tarot 650 frame with Cube Black and Here2 i found that my compass started going orange to red during flight (as also my Z vibes spiked and have Clip2 start jumping like crazy).
Quad returned and landed but trying to figure out the culprit.
Prior to this flight https://plot.dron.ee/ptDg my compass was calibrated strict and all my other flights had now issues. Since then i have check my frame, checked prop balance (which was still good), FC and Here2 that were still in place but i cant see to pass calibration on anything more than relaxed and why my Z vides can stay low and occasionally start jumping around like crazy on values up to 50+.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Your compass issue sounds and looks a lot like the HERE2 compass scaling issue which I have also encountered. Read more here: Copter-3.6.12-rc1 released for beta testing
The clipping does seem to start when the compass innovation starts to climb which leads me to think that maybe the aircraft started to do some unwanted yaw causing it to fly more or less sideways, I know that usually brings vibrations up on my Hexcopters

Thank you for your input.
Already set compass scale to 1.17 as suggested and run calibration again after a 5minute GPS lock (it showed 3D dgps on my screen) seemed to work fine and a small flight showed that i did not get another error so far. my only concern is that i have to run a relaxed calibration, since my usual strict, did not go through.Since the new firmware is supposed to fix this bug straight on its own, wondering if i will need to re tune or simply calibrate radio/accel and compass only. Have you tested this kind of simple update on 4.0? because i think the new filter will also solve my vibe problem because i think its related to power increase/decrease

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to do any flying on 4.0 yet. Winter weather here is not good for flying. I did hear that the transition to 4.0 is supposed to be smooth and recalibrations shouldn’t be needed. But in case of the HERE2 I am not sure.

I have an old Walkera Tali with a pixhawk that its always used as a testbed for all new sensors and code, today i just updated it from 3.6.12 to 4.0.0 and i will only recalibrate compass since the new code uses compass_scale and if needed it should set a number on its own. Fingers crossed and i might post some video later in the day.