EKF_Check Error

Hi, after the 2nd flight of my new small quad I realized two short EKF_Check-2 errors in the log (attached below). What does this mean?

The flight itself was okay, I did not notice a problem. (Except that the copter can be tilted more than 45 degrees in Acro Mode, although I have limited that to 45 degress. Plus Acro Trainer=2. Doesn’t matter, I know to fly :laughing: )

Does the EKF_Check-2 error stand for a compass failure? I know that the motors and the power board lines are too close to the APM. (Actually I do not need the compass, it’s a fun machine, I will fly it only in Stab, Acro and Alt Hold. It doesn’t even have a GPS.)


Read all about it here buddy

As warren2i has indicated, when in doubt RTFM: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/table-of-contents/

No guys, there is NOTHING in the manual which answers my question. I have NO Pixhawk but an APM, and it was NOT an a failsafe thing but an error which is described with NO WORD in the manual. So please read my post again! Thank you.

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Nobody? As I wrote: There is nothing in the wiki regarding my special question.
Regards, Markus

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