EFI support in V4.1.0dev

Hi!, We are interested in testing EFI support in software V4.1.0dev

We found it very interesting that Ardupilot has EFI support because for some combustion engines applications is necessary.

We are developing this EFI for drones, it is a very small and light EFI. We have made a solution to have telemetry in QGC without needing to modify the firmware, using COMMAND_LONG message.

Could someone help us to compile the V4.1.0dev
Or where can we download?

First you need to convince @tridge to merge: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/pull/15404 :slight_smile:

After that the support for that message needs to be extended.

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but, It is merged into master, Is it?

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yes, it is merged. firmware.ardupilot.org

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Now we’ve already test the V4.1.0dev into the board, and the list of parameters don’t show the EFI ones Captura
This is the version of the mission planner, could be that the problem?

No, that is not the problem, but you should update to the latest mission planner anyways.

To solve you problem you need to enable EFI_TYPE to 1 and refresh the parameters. The other parameter will appear just fine after that.

Hi everyone!

I have the lastest version of mission planner(1.3.74 biuld1.3.7.7563.27684).

I my case, I have tested arduplane and arducopter (Both of them at v4.1DEV) but at the parameter list ECU_TYPE don’t appear.

Where could I get access to this parameter?


ECU_TYPE is not the correct parameter. The correct parameter is EFI_TYPE.

What hardware board are you using? is the mission planner set to show advanced parameters?

Sorry, I wanted to say “EFI_TYPE”.

Yes, I type EFI_TYPE and “Full Parameter List” windows and I dont found nothing :frowning:

I’m using pixhawk 1.

Hardware version in unimportant. FW versions are important.

I see that the EFI channels are not in the “Display this” so the only way to see them is to open the Mavlink inspector

Is there a way to add them to see them on the main screen?

Ask that on the missionPlanner topic