Easiest cellular telemetry link?

I’d like a cellular telemetry link between my plane and Mission Planner on my laptop.

Is this possible? What’s the easiest way?


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`Thanks Geofrancis.
I downloaded andruav on a couple of phones and used the webapp today - this sw is excellent!!
I’ve yet to run it on our boat - but playing around at home via 4G its looking pretty magical. Thanks dev team.

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there was a mavlink 2 bug that shows up when trying to use the web plugin, basically ardupilot doesnt send mavlink 2 unless its requested but andruav wont work unless it detects mavlink 2. This is fixed in 4.2dev, you can get around it in earlier versions but you have to initialize the telemetry port you want to use directly with mission planner first using a mavlink 2 radio or USB so it works in mavlink 2 mode.