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E-flite Convergence Using Matek F405 Wing

(Greg Covey) #177


Good job!

I don’t use ACRO mode but maybe Mark does. The Wiki still lists it as one of the Flight modes to avoid in a QuadPlane…


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(Mark Whitehorn) #178

I tried ACRO mode with my mini-Convergence, but it didn’t end very well…
I think I let it get too slow in a turn and stalled it. Turns out I was less than 1 mistake high, and switching to QSTABILIZE didn’t quite save it. Was almost level on impact though, and only minor damage; lost a tilt servo linkage and the corresponding prop. Would have probably helped if I had set up acro mode on my TX with lowered rates and some expo because the controls were way too sensitive.

(Dave Bevan) #179

Hi mark.
I found the default of 180 wayyyy too high
Set mine to 40 roll 58 pitch that gave a similar roll and pitch rate as per fbwa. A start.
I fly a lot in acro mode using fpv with the zohd dart using inav with a good tune can do things like split s and inverted with ease.
The acro felt very loose on the gains so perhaps i can increase my acro rates 10 percent and raise the p term and i terms a bit until the plane feels more locked in.
Sorry to hear you crashed hope its fixed up soon.
PS Greg mentioned that acro not recommended. Is this because of software or for pilots not used to flying in such modes.
As i fly quite complex moves and los 3d and heli pilot would like the flexibility of throwing the convegence around the sky😀.
But am so pleased with Sundays 5 lipos worth.

(Mark Whitehorn) #180

I think the advice to avoid ACRO mode is meant for non-tiltrotor quadplanes, since it says the quad motors are not “engaged”. When a Convergence is in ACRO mode it should behave exactly like a twin engine plane, so there is no reason a competent pilot shouldn’t use it.
This is a SITL run with ACRO mode at 180 deg/sec for pitch and roll

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(Dave Bevan) #181

Thanks for that.
Makes sense glad for the info… :+1:

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATXHELI) #182

Actually, I think its just due to the fact that the vertical lift motors (tilt of the tilt motors in VTOL tilted position or quad motors) instantly stop when switching to STAB,ACRO or MANUAL…MANUAL is not singled out since it allows on the ground setup of nonVTOL angles,etc…but I get rid of it once setup to avoid a brain fart and use QSTAB as my panic mode switch position (its MAN on my normal planes, so I have tremendous muscle memory of slamming that switch down in emergencies) :wink:

I had this discussion with tridge once…its just an attempt at newbie proofing…it can fly fine in those modes…just have to be aware that its flying (instantly, no matter if hovering or moving) as a plane and not a copter…and vice versa…switching into the other modes (CRUISE, FBWA, , LOITER, etc) has controlled transitions…

(Greg Covey) #183

Perhaps we can get the wiki updated? :hugs:

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATXHELI) #184

sure…I’ll try to word it such that it can get approved:wink:

(Mark Whitehorn) #185

@hwurzburg I thought the back-flip it does when switching from QSTABILIZE to ACRO was just for fun :slight_smile:
I suppose I should have mentioned that above… but it should be less exciting transitioning between FBWA and ACRO.

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATXHELI) #186

:rofl: yeah, you would have to have a good deal of forward velocity and altitude, center the sticks, and switch to ACRO to have a hope of success, same with STABILIZE…

Need to fully explain the consequences…that’s a great example…dont think there is much problem transitioning out of those modes to a Qplane mode though…

(Mark Whitehorn) #187

Does anyone know what the 3 LEDs on the F405 mean when running ArduPlane?
I can’t figure out which source code is relevant, and there seems to be nothing specific in the wiki.

(Dave Bevan) #188

Only probably what you have read already Mark.
Led 1 and 2 FC status indicators
Led 3 indicates 3.3V supply
From Matek portfolio
Myself I note
Usually they go from blinking to a solid colour when in DFU and mine blink when in communication with laptop

(Mark Whitehorn) #189

Thanks @davidabevan, I can’t see those LEDs with the hatch cover on anyway :slight_smile:

I just re-maidened my Convergence after swapping the Pixracer for an F405-Wing.
QSTABILIZE, QHOVER and QLOITER looked OK. (this is with the pr-man-fwd-thr binary I posted on Gdrive)

I had a lot of difficulty in getting the parameter values straightened out… After finally getting the compass working and the servos trimmed, I found on the first hover that I had the yaw oscillation noted by @hwurzburg. Turns out that Q_A_RAT_YAW_FILT was 2.5 instead of 15, even after multiple param file loads. That’s not in the quadplane defaults_table, so I don’t know why it was wrong. It was also the only Q_A_RAT parameter which was incorrect.

I set up FrSky passthrough telemetry using the smartport inverter cable design here:

I like the simplicity of this solution.

Next step is moving the FPV camera and VTX from an old QAV250 to the Convergence.
Does it matter how close together the ESP8266 and VTX antennas are? It seems like both transmitters will need to share the VTX bay in the Convergence, unless I hang one on the outside somewhere.

(Greg Covey) #190

Recall that I also had some odd parameter loss when changing builds. I haven’t put an FPV camera/transmitter in my Convergence yet. It’s probably going to be a winter project for me…too many planes.

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATXHELI) #191

Mark, I have not tried the ESP8266 and a VTX close together, but I have tried about every other combination of 1.2G/5.8G/433MHz/2.4GHz video and RC…
any receiving system (in this case the WIFI unit) can be impacted by a transmitter (in this case the VTX…I assume its 5.8Ghz) depending on proximity and power…like someone shouting next to your ear, even when you have earmuffs on, will overpower you trying to listen to someone else across the room…

and since the VTX is only an octave above the WIFI (2.4Ghz vs 5.8Ghz) and much higher power…a short distance from the VTX to the ESP8266 will probably be required…maybe 5-7 inches…you should be able to remote the VTX antenna away from the body with a shorty SMA cable… or just move the ESP8266 up front of the battery on a short 4 lead cable…or both

on my Convergence, even though I use 915Mhz telemetry, I remoted the antenna (a homemade dipole) on the back fin…the VTX and the Telem radio were in the bay…

(Mark Whitehorn) #192

@GregCovey There must be a better way to copy and validate parameter settings; I’ll ping some of the other developers for advice.

@hwurzburg Thanks, I was wondering whether 6" would be enough separation for the 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz antennas. That should be easy to achieve on the Convergence.

Another question specific to the F405-Wing: mine hangs when powered only via USB unless I disconnect the I2C cable. I think this is because there’s no 5V power to the compass in this state. What is the best way to download logs?

(Greg Covey) #193

I’ve been pulling the flash card.

(Mark Whitehorn) #194

Looks like that’s the only alternative to connecting both a battery and USB, but it involves removing the hatch cover, and that’s soon going to have an FPV camera wired into it.

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATXHELI) #195

I can download fine with compass attached and no LIPO…I expect it depends on the compass loading of the I2C bus…I cant easily extract the SD card…I have a hole in the side to attach USB to the MatekF405Wing, so I never have to mess with the belly cover…

what happens to me is that the compass locks up if I apply USB and then LIPO…the I2C bus pushes current into the unpowered compass and causes it to “latch-up”…I have to apply LIPO first if I want the compass to work AND have USB connected…no problem with the GPS however…

at may be that your compass REALLY latches up and crushes the internal chip 3.3V supply…

(Dave Bevan) #196

Mark I power my GPS and compass with the 3.3v supply it is active on USB and overcomes this