DX7 Spectrum flight modes for the new X4, Y6, and X8 with P

here is my mix modes dx7 flight spectrum for the new x4, y6, and x8 with pixhawk, hope it helps

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New Spektrum DX7s Flight Mode configuration using both the Elev D/R and Flaps toggle switches.

For those who may have missed my post in DIYDrone’s site. Please review diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/set … itches-for

I have figured a way to allow you to only use one channel (channel 5) to run 6 flight modes with the help of ELEV D/R toggle. There is a doc URL on my blog with steps to reconfigure your radio to use this configuration.


I have a different solution to this problem that worked for the X8:

docs.google.com/document/d/1ttM … eO8RY/edit

My solution involves using Mission Planner to help tweak these settings. Hope this helps!