Duplicate RC swtich value to Cube output

Hi all,

I have an Orange Cube with ArduCopter 4.1, I have an futaba T12K trasmitter.
I’d like to use one switch of my T12K to activate (copy) switch value to fmu_ch1 is it possible ?
For example if I activated my switch to a HIGH/LOW value I’d like to have HIGH/LOW value also on fmu_ch1 pin in my Orange Cube.
I’ve searched but I didn’t find any information/tutorial :roll_eyes:

If you’d like a PWM output to be the same value as an RC input then it should be possible by setting SERVOx_FUNCTION to be one of the RCINx values. So for example set SERVO8_FUNCTION = 57 (“RCIN7”) so that the RC input 7 channel appears on output 8.

If instead of a PWM you’d like a high or low voltage then the best way is to setup a relay.

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