[dupe] Crsf radio failsafe - .04s glitch cause land FS to kick in?

While hover-testing my quad just a few ft away from me, I’ve had a few instances where it would just start descending slowly into the ground.

I managed to get a log from one of these cases and it looks like it’s hitting radio FS -> landing. The FS only lasts 0.04s according to the logs

Firstly, I was under the impression that the failsafe response wouldn’t kick in unless the system was FS for >0.5s. Do I have something set up incorrectly?

Secondly, the radio always showed 100% LQ, RFMD 2 while I’m testing (not surprising since the quad is just 10 ft from me) and I’ve been using this radio on 4 other CRSF quads running Betaflight without ever hitting a FS. Does anyone have suggestions on how to debug this as I’m a bit stumped.

Please can you post in the 4.1 channel? What version of 4.1 are you using? Is your receiver connected to a DMA-enabled UART? What FC do you have? There have been reports of CRSF FS but they have been down to poor UART performance. If there is an issue I am keen to get to the bottom of it.