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Dual GPS with Belding from different vendors

(Vaggelis ) #1

So I’m building a mapping drone and I want high precision. So I will have to use 2 GPS
I have one 3dr GPS and I will have to get another GPS
I found locally a ublox neo-6m I read at a thread that they have to be from he same vendor… But 3dr is long gone
What should I do?
Also for rtk I will need the here plus gps right?

Thank you in advance

(hans bert) #2

do you want RTK precision?

use your 3dr gps only for navigation of the uav, and the second gps (piksi multi or another rtk gnss reciever) only for tagging your measurments. Go for the PPK route. easy and usefull in practical applications

dont use blending, this is only usefull if you are in area with bad gps reception or something fails.

(curt carroll) #3

Yes the Here+ will work but it’s only L1. There are several multi band receivers that are faster and do not cost much more. Piksi is a but pricey

(Vaggelis ) #4

the geotaging is done via the dataflash logs .
i want a rock steady hovering . i want precision but not RTK precision .
can i pair the 3dr GPS with the neo-6m?

Also I found a good deal locally for a here gnss gps at around the same price as the neo 6m should I opt for that?

One more question, what is the exact model of the 3dr GPS? It’s a ublox if I remember correctly

(Cornel Fudulu) #5

A NEO-6M is obsolete. Get at least a NEO-M8N (Here+ has it), alot of cheap chinese units also sport some flavours of it (stay away from anything chaper then $35)
Want to go RTK ? Those ArduSimple kits are a steal, The uBlox ZED-F9P is a gem.

(Vaggelis ) #6

Not really planning for rtk.
Blending I suppose will be enough
I have now the 3dr gps ( witch ublox is that)
I’m thinking about getting a here plus gnss
Is compatible with each other?

(curt carroll) #7

looks like a LEM6 was used for the 3DR GPS.