Dshot problems with MRO H7 on 4.1

I have been working on a UAV copter with an MRO H7 autopilot and APD F3[x]80’s powering the motors. The autopilot is configured to output DShot600 however, I am unable to get the autopilot to communicate with the ESCs. When I attempt to calibrate the ESCs and test the individual motors the signal is sent from the autopilot but the ESCs are not responding. I have checked all the wiring and there is no apparent issue. Does anyone here have any further ideas?

I have a pixracer pro running with bdshot and dshot600 no problem. Dshot does not require calibration - maybe this is the problem?

Maybe supply a .bin log, you can even set LOG_DISARMED

The calibration step may have not been needed then. However, there is still a communication problem. All of my settings look correct and the ESCs have the appropriate firmware. Are there any parameters that may be misconfigured?

Like Shawn says - need a log to help

I may have just realized that I may have made a wiring mistake. For DShot to work properly does the telemetry have to go to a telemetry port rather than the standard ±s pins?

Yes telemetry wire needs to go to a uart. If you use bi-directional dshot you don’t need to use the telemetry wire at all.

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That solved the issue. Thanks so much for your help!