DSHOT passthrough not working in 4.1

DSHOT passthrough is not working in 4.1. I can’t connect to the ESCs from BLHELI_32 suite in the passthrough mode. It connects but does not recognize any ESC. Has anyone any experiences with this?

Unfortunately passthrough is highly timing and ESC dependent. What flight controller and ESCs are you using? Many bugs have been fixed in passthrough, but still some issues remain. It’s also really hard to debug, I have removed the issues that I can reproduce, but without failing hardware its hard to go further.

You obviously have power applied to the ESCs?

Sure, I apply the power to the ESCs. I have two copters, both are equipped with CUAV Nora flight controllers. One has solely Tekko 35A ESCs, another one a mix of these with Tattoo Racers 52A. I’m using the most recent BLHeli_32, I can connect from a board running a BetaFlight firmware.

I’ve seen lots of activity concerning DSHOT in the release notes, maybe there is still some problem?

I was able to connect and change settings. BTW anyone test a hex? I remember a few builds ago that only 4 motors would show in the BL motor test and not 6 motors.

I fly octocopters X8, it hasn’t been mentioned. I’m able to connect on to the motors on my VTOL plane (4 copter motors + one horizontal, all DSHOT, Matek F765 flight controller).

I know it has been a while but I’m going through all the 4.1 issues that haven’t been marked as resolved.

@andyp1per, @maciek252, is this still and issue?

It’s likely still a problem, but without the exact same hardware to replicate I am unlikely to be able to do anything about it.

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ok thanks. I’ll move this item to the “will not be resolved in time for 4.1.0” list.

It’s still a problem, I’ve just checked with the newest firmware update. Two X8 copters with CUAV Nora, the banner message shows that DSHOT is set for the outputs.

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