DShot and Mavlink Servo out

When I set servo/esc out to DShot Protocol no usable servo out values arrive via mavlink. Is there another mavlink parameter that says something about ESC control in this case?


Thanks for the report. So I guess you’re not seeing the output in MP’s status screen?

I wonder if it’s possible that the issue is that the DShot ESCs are connected to a channel that is higher than 8 and these are only reported if Mavlink2 is used. Could you try setting the SERIALx_PROTOCOL to “2” for the telemetry connection being used?

Another way to check this last suggestion is to connect with a USB cable to the autopilot because the direct USB port is always Mavlink2.

yes you are right. I’m using aux 9-12 for dshot out. In MissionPlanner with USB Connection i can see the values. With Cube Orange it should also be possible to use servo 1-4 for dshot?

No, you need to use the aux outputs. Just make sure the telemetry is mavlink2.

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