DroneCAN GPS not lighting up

I have recently added the gps to the VTOL plane. I connected to the CAN port on the cube orange plus and the mission planner registers the GPS.

The mission planner has GPS: no fix, but I think it is only because the GPS is indoors.

I tried to plug the GPS into another cube setup to ArduHeli and it works. The lights are showing and there is also GPS: no fix. So the GPS is not faulty.

I then plugged another GPS to the cube for the VTOL and it doesn’t work.

I am not sure what is going on and why the light on the GPS is not working. I think I am missing some parameter but I am not sure what. I have attached both the VTOL and heli parameter list.
HELI_08062024.param (19.9 KB)
VTOL_18062024.param (22.3 KB)