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Drone unable to lift


Please am new with ardupilot
I have finished configuration and calibration of the ESC but when I try to fly the drone keeps falling one side.
Please can someone help me out.

(curt carroll) #2

Please post your attempted flight log (.bin) and a photo if your copter.

(david sastre) #3

Provide us more information as mtnsurveyor says please.

It could be several different things. Bad accel/giro calibration, wrong motor spinning direction, ESCs connected to wrong inputs, etc.

Best regards.


Please how do I check my flight log (.bin)
Am unable to send picture too

(Hosein Gh) #5

you can download log from FC by mission planner

(cala2) #6

Sound something bad connected, esc spinning in bad direction or props in incorrect position, check everithing. Or motor/esc fail.

(curt carroll) #7

The easy way is to remove the card from your FC. My preferred way is through MP just to save ware&tare on the chip reader

Why can you upload a photo? Either reduce the size or use google drive.

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(AMV) #8

Seems to be some motors are spining wrong side…

Pls check this motor layout for a quad

If you are using ardupilot, pls see this picture

Fot Pixhawk, this one

Finaly, use the test motor tool under Initial Setup- Optional Hardware. TAke out the props and there you can test motor by motor and the the spin.

Good Luck!