Drone taking off side way not straight up

Please help my quad copter is not taking off straight up but side ways.

Good day, just fix the position of your fc…if you have too vibrations just add a gel peds under your fc,.just perfom all the calibrations…compass, accelerometer.
Just check also the trim on your rc…if they are not centered you can have this problem.

Make sure your quad is balanced so it does not lean left or right.

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Oh Thank you guys I will try all of your suggestion and i will let you known if it works for me.

ok… Happy tests, don’t forget also to perform a new esc calibration

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Hello there guys especially Dave 84 &Mike Kelly
Thank you for your advice it did help.
I have 2 quad copter frame (x) running on APM 2.8 flight controller using a FLY-SKY fs-i6 remote.
I manage to get one going with better ESC of course following your advice too. Now how to set my copter to an altitude of m using Mission Planner .When I fly it , it really goes really high. Hope you understand my point.

Good day, if you want set the altitude during a mission you can set in the waypoints you are creating for it…, in case you need to adjust the behavior of the althod you can change the parameter… you can find this option in the tuning page… the param is called Altitude hold (top of the channels setting)

Great !!
I will go and try this .Thank you mate