Drone take off unstable

Hello, I have bigger drone, 50 kg, 40 inches propeller. It is flying well, but if it take off from not perfectly horizontal ground, propellers starts to spin not with same frequency rotation according the ground slope. Than take off is pretty unstable. See video and log included. Could you please give some suggestion how to remove it?
Thank you

Post the .bin file separately. The video file will take forever to download from that cloud service. Or post a much (much) shorter video.

Log bin is here. Video is short but with high resolution. I will make it smaller2020-04-16 13-23-41.zip (997.8 KB) .

Video has 2.4 MB. Dont see at the picture, this is only advertisement.

The typical case of a large yaw bias most likely from motor mounts that are not level or frame distortion… This is seen all too often on craft with round arms. The CCW motors (1&2) are working significantly harder than the CW motors (3&4). So, a mechanical problem that you will have to fix before proceeding.

Thank you, I will have a look at this tomorrow.

This is one big bird!!!

What is designed to do? I see a LiDar or is it camera?

Interesting design.

Yes, you are true, it is big bird. Supposed payload is 49kg. What you did see is not lidar but GPS antenna. Lidar we have on smaller drones.
This Big one needs some development. Namely hybrid engine in pod.

Post some closup pics when you have time. That is one monster GPS antenna :slight_smile:

I will do next week. Now I have a lot of work with other much smaller :slight_smile:

Hi, if not a commercial secret tell me which controller you use for your car. and how do you deal with vibrations?

I am using Pix Cube black. Vibrations is another task :-). Set filter for 40inches propellers and try it.

Are you using a vibration damping spacer for the controller ??? or fasten to double-sided tape?
if you use, could not show what vibration isolation

We are using double side tape from special anti-vibration rubber with thickness 10mm.