Drone rollover about Copter4.0.3

Problem:Drone rollover
Drone Type: Four rotors and eight propellers
Log File: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtY6Wtn1T07Ba_uXPxhkmRxZp8c?e=8OA6tV
Description: The drone flew normally for the first two times.The first two flights of the drone were normal, but in the third flight, the drone turned over as soon as it left the ground, and it was the same after several attempts…Please help me analyze the reason,Thanks!

I can’t tell whats happened since it was not able to take off properly.
My guess is you have a connection problem in your propulsion system.
Either the power cables were broken or some of the signal wires disconnected from the flight controller.
Did you change or play with the signal wires after the second flight?
Signal wires might be incorrectly plugged into the flight controller.

Its hard to say with your log
Check motor direction again lastly on one of my quadcopters ESCs was reversed (I don’t know why)
But in your case I think it’s because of high vibration, could you please send log file of last successful flight? I think we can find problem in last logs better

Thanks! All the lines were intact and the first two flights were normal. This problem has also been investigated recently.

Thanks!No changes were made to the ESC connection during this period, as in normal sorties.The vibration data show that it is normal, recently in the troubleshooting other aspects of the problem.