Drone positioning in Guided mode

Hello All,
I have a drone which follow other rover. The connection is established with Mission planner, wi-fi (to drone) and GPS connected to the PC on rover. In guided mode drone follows the rover, but in large distance 20-50m. I did try to change parameters in AP (cube black) using Mission Planner, namely WPNAV…Also I did try to change parameters in Follow section, but no effect. Could you somebody help me how to set parameters in AP to persuade drone to follow rover in shorter (adjustable) distance?
Thank you

First you need to make sure that the communication link latency is as low as possible. then you probably need to reset the flight controllers after doing some parameter changes, so that they take effect.

Post parameter files, firmware versions, vehicle pictures and connection diagrams

Hello, The connection is good, no significant latency and GPS coordinates are sent 2Hz.
The version FW is 4.07.
Swttings is included.f.param (18.6 KB)
Thank you very much for your help.

How good are the vehicles tuned?

Autotunig was done, it fly very good.

Alt-A and notch tuned before the autotune?

yes. But it is not my problem. How to persuade drone to fly close to the target (Rover). Is in mission planner some settings? This is the problem.