Drone on map area keeps moving around when drone is on ground and is very far from the drone's actual location

I believe that the drone is set up correctly since it can “fly” autonomously. But when the drone is set on the ground outside, the Mission Planner map area shows the drone to be egregiously off, a lot like this video (this is not my drone, its a video from another forum post, and this problem exists outside as well) what is happening to my mission planner can someone tell me :( - YouTube. Mission planner picks up around 9-11 satellites and has an HDot of around 0.9-1.2. The drone was able to do a planned mission, but I stopped it pretty quick after it started to drift way off (most likely because of the incorrect positioning of the drone on the map).

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Let’s bring it outside, where you can get the most opened space to the sky and make sure nothing is covering the GPS antenna. Please post a photo for our reference :slight_smile:

This can produce a poor position.

HDOP and VDOP measure how good the GNSS constellation geometry is, not how good the signal quality is.