Drone flow away - what happened?


I was flying yesterday and my drone after lost of signal flow away. I did not have GPS mounted and i was checking setups before flight, there was everywhere failsave set up to “land” exept one position (probably singnal lost) as there was not other option than RTL. In stabilize mode drone after signal lost just turned off engines and land/crash where it was, with “altitude hold” mode it just flow away why it happened if there was not GPS at all? I think it should just land or even just crash where it is not flight in random directions.

Luckly i was flying in the middle of nowhere and nothing danger should happened but i lost dron anyway in the forest.


It was hijacked by forest goblins.

  • or … you need telemetry log or dataflash log to expect any kind of meaningful answer.

I strongly doubt if flew in “random direction” , depending on flightmode, it’s most likely to level off and loose airspeed speed slowly until just drifting with the wind, unless the attitude were not entirely level.

Where can i find those logs? I was controlling it via QGroundControl with joystick over WiFi. In that case will be there anything useful? Logs for sure are ending with lost of signal i did not have any other telemetry connection only WiFi.

yes, finding out what happened in this case (not expecting data of a crash, but just normal flight until connection loss) - is only possible if you should find the dataflashlog onboard the RPAS.