Drone crashed when switching to Auto - help with Log needed

Hi there,
I have a Y6 that was woring a lot of hours in the past. Last sunday I did a testflight, loaded a mission - take of in Stabilize and after switching to Auto, the drone crashed. Looks like disarm during flight.
The log can be found here: https://cloud.xnox.de/index.php/s/Y8FMzFzG22fCjSW

Changes since last flights: I used another laptop and the current Mission Planner. In the past I used 1.3.58 and it was working nicely. After repair I used my old laptop with the old MP and the drone worked as usual…

I have no idea what happed.

Thank you. Manuk

Your IMU3 don’t seem to be normal

Thank you for having a look.
Yes IMU3 looks strange. Yesterday I re-calibrate the copter and did some test flights without issues.

Can a bad IMU beheavor result in disarm during flight? (the crash looked like disarm… copter just fall down)

Bad IMU beheavor dosen’t result in disarm during flight.I don’t know why you haven’t a battry monitor.Your barometer seem’s all bad.I have a guess:When you swtich to auto,bad temperature result caculator an error alt, so your copter crashed.When you want to switch auto,you shou test the althold and PosHold model

Not disarm, but total power loss during flight. Bad battery, connector, cabling or solder.

Hi, where do you see a total power loss? I have constant voltage and telemetry link until the crash.

The flight log you posted ended abruptly midflight, without any message or warning. This is a clear indication of power loss to the flight controller.