Drone crashed. Help me to find the reason / error

here is a log of that flight.
when I armed and take off then it automatically started rotating then goes out of control see more in the log

Did you follow the tuning instructions on the wiki? What hardware do you have? how is it connected to each other? what firmware versions?

Your quad is still on default values.
As @amilcarlucas asked, have you followed the tuning guide?
It looks not.

Your quad is also underpowered/overweight.

I see only loiter mode used for the flight, not stabilise which is the mode for maiden flights.

Dear sir,
I didn’t did pid tuning. But I did all that compass, gyroscope, etc
When I take off and after that I set mode land and then it started rotating automatically means like was doing circle also going up. Then luckily it crashed in the tree. But it was not disarming then after some try it crashed on the ground and then disarmed.

But I did lots of flight it not behaved like this before. Also in log message it shows mission started. But I never set mission.

The actual reason of rotating and then crashing is due to mission or due to tuning.

@mboland I used loiter because. In stabilize it goes with out from the position then become hard to control. So I use loiter