Droidplanner vs transmitter. Who wins?

I am just getting my feet wet with droidplanner2 and a 3dr x8 with pixhawk running apm:copter.

I’ve been using droidplanner for mission planning & upload, and monitoring telemetry during flight. Could it also be sending commands?

There have been a couple times that it seems that droidplanner is sending commands to the x8 even though I’m flying manually. The x8 starts executing it’s mission even though I have not switched to auto on the transmitter. Could this be?

(I’ve been careful not to hit any of the control buttons on droidplanner during flight).

Can anyone point me to info on which controller (transmitter or droidplanner) has priority and in what situation? Is there any way to lock-out droidplanner from transmitting?

I’m still learning so it’s possible I’ve missed something. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you sure it’s your Droidplanner ? Google "how to hijack a drone using telemetry "

Wow, that opened my eyes a bit. I’d say the chances are pretty low, as I’m in a hilly, sparsely populated area. Definitely no one in the flight area, which is private land and I use rarely, nor are there others flying in the area.

Any other theories?

Please do a test flight to reproduce, then look in log for mode changes.
Droidplanner is in a rapid development, of, course - it could be a bug (but I doublt it, it would be a strange one)
I do not use Droidplanner for commertial operations, so my hours with it are limited.

A test flight would be the next thing to do.


I’m using latest DroidPlanner 3 (dev) with VRBrain 5.2 (APM3.2 soft) on my quadrotor (3DR telemetry).

You can send commands to the board.

I am experiencing with Auto mode, first via R/C input, then via Tablet input (Nexus7).

I fly this mission two or three times each flight session (repetability test). Last week I started using tablet to send orders to the Quad. First Arming then Take-Off, then Auto, then RTL. As it was OK, I changed my programmed flight, with Take-Off as first point and Landing (RTL) as last Nav point.

Yesterday I had three more flight with full Auto from Take Off to landing by just using tablet to send commands. My R/C transmitter is On, default flight mode could be Stabilize, AltHold or Loiter, as soon as Tablet send first order, tablet is in control. If you want to switch to R/C, you have to change flight mode on the R/C . As I have a failsafe option in my settings I have always R/C on. As a caution, when Airborne, I move the throttle lever to mid position.


do not frget to put your throttle in mid position when switching back to RC…!OUps sorry Marc did not see your last sentence…