Drift to the Left

Hi I’m trying to set up my Trex 500 with an APM 2.6. When I lift off I have to add in right roll, the longer I fly the more right roll I have to add until I run out of stick. I have tried to re calibrate the acc several times but cant get it fixed.

I not sure what else to try any help is appreciated

It’s normal for a heli to require a small amount of right roll to counter the tail rotor thrust to the left. This normally should be about 5 degrees.

If you need to keep adding more and more roll input, then it must be because of an error with the estimated airframe level. This used to be caused by vibration on the flight controller, but I haven’t seen it in a long time. It could also be caused by gyro bias errors.

I’d need to see a log to figure out what your problem is.