Doubt of ppm and channel switching

Hello guys.

My name is nelson gomes and I’m from Portugal. Already use APM 2.6 to about two years practically without problems. That helped drive this FC on my way

But what brings me here to this house, where he has grasped much (my thank you) is my new project.

I bought a Xugong V2 Pro and would like to use with the APM (later a pixfalcon). I know the PCB is designed to work with naza but I think be able to take advantage of it using an Fc 3DR.

Right now I have two doubts that he thanked helping without me.

1 Turning the APM by ppm, how many channels it will recognize? 8 or 12?

2nd channel 5 is dedicated to flight modes. Longer possible to change this to the channel 7 or 11 for example?

Already my thank you

PS: sorry for my English :slight_smile: