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"DoubleBat" Power Supply For Quadplanes

(Rolf) #7

Thanks for the answer :wink:

Do you use also two batteries? Hybrid as 2 different kind of sources has been known to me. Sorry, if the “innovative” is too pompous - should not be meant, but perhaps usefull to trigger discussion and exchange of experience with smaller airplanes with 2 batteries.

Have set a question mark behind “innovative” :smiley:


(Pompe Cukor) #8

Yes. Just as you described in you diagram.
You are right Hybrid could be eletric gas. But im this case I meant lipo and li- ion together. That is im the quadplane in the video.

(Rolf) #9

In this case, the adjective innovative has been deleted in my headline. Sorry that I had overlooked that you had previously used 2 batteries.

But I hope you have had good experiences with independent power supply.


(Pompe Cukor) #10

Haha, yes it is working well.

(Pompe Cukor) #11

And please tell @Walter that he is still a very smart person :smiley: and deserves the bonus that you had in mind for him at the end of the year :wink:

(cala2) #12

Nice zoom camera, what camera is it?

(zhang) #13

I didn’t understand your circuit diagram, could you make the circuit diagram more clearly? Thank you

(Rolf) #14

What you do not understand ?

(zhang) #15

Yes, I have a problem with my circuit board. Thank you.

(Rolf) #16

Fifth flight with Arduplane Plane 3.9.0beta2:


(David Ardis) #17


Looks really well you do the same as me FBWA to QHover and let if slow down. I will have to try my transitions a bit lower next time .
What camera are you using for the on board footage

David Ardis

(Rolf) #18

An old Mobius actioncam


(Rolf) #19

Some successfull testflights with arduplane 3.9.0beta5 this weekend:


(Roberto A Jr) #20

Dear Rolf, what power modules did you use?


(Rolf) #21

These are quit ordinary power modules for Pixhawk


(Kyomo Jung) #22

Hi Rolf
Thanks for sharing your nice job. What I’m afraid with this is…is not adopted for tilt rotor type VTOL because rotors should be shared by copter and plane mode. Am I right?

(Rolf) #23

Yes. At tiltable motors you would need a switch. Whether the possible advantage is worth a high current switch ? i don’t know.

(Kyomo Jung) #24

Thanks Rolf,

Is there any “Switch” for tilt type VTOL except Foxtech? ( which I think is over priced ^^; )

(Rolf) #25

I have no idea if there are good relays, for example.

Our next tri-tiltrotor vtol should have only one front motor tiltable ( Reverse Tricopter-VTOL Plane )
Both rear motors are just for hovering and will get a separate battery.

(Kikislater) #26

it would be interesting !