Double UAVCAN GPS HUD display problem


I am connecting 2 UAVCAN GPS (NEO 3 Pro) to CUAV X7. I am using MP 1.3.76 and Plane V4.1.6 (VTOL)
All seems to work fine, i get information about sats and hdop of both sensors and I am using option 4 in GPS_AUTO_SWITCH. I have also tried option 2 - same result described below.

Could you tell me how to check which GPS is currently used by autopilot for readings?

Because when I am covering GPS nr.2 (so it doesnt see satelites) on the HUD screen only the GPS 2 info is getting red and info that :NO 3D FIX. (Picture 1)
But when I cover GPS 1 (so the primary) then both of the fields of GPS status gets red, but in the GPS 2 it is written than it has 3D FIX.

Now my question is if this is a bug that both fields get red and the second GPS is sendin the position and nothing bad will happen during flight or I have missconfigured something and at the moment GPS 1 looses signal then the FC is not receiving any position signal?

Thank you and sorry if this a noob quesiton :smiley: