Don't undersatnd why compass calibration is so unpredictable

Once again I have an issue with Orange cube compass calibration. I’ve followed this wiki page here on hte last video at the end of the page it’s said calibration will be applied for 60 seconds but for me calibration running during for maybe 20s or 30s the result is I’m always in the red.
I don’t even have time to do all the axes and sometimes it’s works but this is very very very rare.
I calibrated outside no magnetic sources I connected to the drone with wifi so my computer is about 2.3 meters to my drone no telephone on me, I’m in a city good gps cover so why I need to try 10-15 calibration before to be in yellow situation for my compass?

If your having trouble with compass’s it is almost always that there too near sources of interference such as high current wires for motors.

You could try a magfit:

The easy fix is to get a external compass and mount in far from anything magnetic and wireing. 6 inches or so should do.

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