Donation to ChibiOS project [Approved]

I would like to propose a US$1k donation to the ChibiOS project. ArduPilot is in the process of switching to ChibiOS as our primary RTOS for STM32 based boards.
Switching to ChibiOS is going to make a huge difference to ArduPilot, with much better performance plus much easier support for a wide range of flight boards. The ChibiOS community is helping with this a lot, with good forum support and great documentation.
I think we should support the ongoing development of ChibiOS by making a donation from our project funds.
Also note that ChibiOS recently added us as a partner project:
The donation would be made by paypal, following the link from their home page at


I think that would be a great gesture.

The funding committee has joined and this proposal is approved.

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thanks Luis!
now we just need to organise the payment. We’ll need to ask Francisco to organise a paypal payment to their donation page linked from

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Already done :slight_smile:

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Thanks Tridge. It’s part of our procedure :slight_smile: