Doing Autotune, flying wing almost crashed, entering in uncontrolled dive

It was an Atotune session, windy day up to 25kmh wind, AR wing entered in a dive, switched to manual flight in LOS and with great luck managed to stabilize it at minus 19 meter.
I`m attaching the log and short video about it, maybe a dev could look in it and help with some answers, about what happened.
Thanks , Norbert
the log:

you have no pitot / way to know airspeed, but this looks to me very much like a stall, then + a bit clumsy recovery (maybe due to long LOS distance)

Yes, most likely, it was flying with strong-ish tailwind.
Wanted to do an autotune session, what autotune_level is fitted for flying wing, to counteract the pitch axis wobling in windy day, that I had. I did the last autotune with level 5 and it was calm day. But now, in Spring winds up to 30kmh it has sometime a strong resonance in pich axis (up-down)

do not do autotune in turbulent wind, should you get a day of steady, laminar wind , you can try.
This is not because of tuning in turbulent conditions==disaster, but simply because chances of ending up with a good tune are slim.

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Should I try below or above level 5 (arduplane default) ?