Does the IRIS come preconfigured for radio fail safe

I’ve read a few posts that the IRiS was not setup for radio fail safe. I know that it was set when I looked in MP.
But I have not checked it as I assumed it was taken care of by 3DR.

This seems like something everyone should know about.


Someone posted this previously. I cannot confirm it, but will try in a few days myself…

[quote]in order to set the failsafe, you need to open the top, put the sticks in the position you want to save (in my case all sticks centered, including throttle and the channel 5 switches in RTL mode) and then press the button on the RC receiver.

you can test it with the quad unarmed… just go to the status page in mission planner and watch the RC inputs. when you turn off the Tx you should see the PWM values center and the mode should change to RTL.

IMHO, this is a pretty critical thing to do and is a big thing that separates this from a traditional RC quad… If configured properly, I can be way downrange, turn the transmitter off and put it on the ground. The quad will automatically climb to clear any potential obstacles, return to where it took off, and slowly land all by itself. This is a test everyone should do before they start trying to fly FPV or long distance…

There is also this page…

My biggest concern is whether it’s supposed to be or not and whether or not everybody realizes that they check it or set it.

I agree seems like something critical to know.


If yo have read the manual you know :wink:

Thank you, you are correct that it says that it is, but I have read at least two or three reports that it was not in those cases.
So, which is it?
If you read my first post you’ll see that this is my question.

Well bottom line is we know now. :slight_smile:

The key takeaway here is: The more your “toy” costs, the more you better read and go through the manuals (and everything else possible, e.g. wikis, youtube, etc) do this BEFORE you take it out for a few test runs. I am reading everything thread I find, including every single crash thread I come across - to learn from others’ experiences… It seems like 3DR exposes a million bells and whistles for us to use (if we know how to use them). This is one of the reasons I bought this kit and not a DJI Phantom 2. But it is a double-edged sword indeed…

So true, especially in this case. I mostly just posted this so that others would see this here in this forum and know to look before they lost their IRIS.
Thank you!

Maybe we should make this a sticky?

We could really use a sticky thread that covers several key things to check into BEFORE piloting your Iris for the first time. I already have a long txt file full of snippets from various threads and important links (kind of long, otherwise I’d post it, and the forums won’t let me attach .txt files).

Great idea!
I’ve got some as well.