Does my setup sound correct?

Hi all,

I purchased an old Trex 450S kit as a test platform for my Pixhawk.

I have the 3S Lipo into the Power Module, power from the module to the Pixhawk then onto the ESC/BEC.

The ESC/BEC I have connected to CHN 8 input on the Pixhawk. (6volt).

My 4 servos are connected to Pixhawk’s inputs 1-4. AIL - ELE - PITCH - RUD

I am using a Taranis with Frsky L9R Rx with SBUS running from that into RC IN on the Pixhawk.

Can someone confirm that this setup will work before I get too much further with the build or fry something ! :slight_smile:

The servos don’t seem to be getting any power. No twitching when I turn it on although the ESC makes some beeping.

The Rx is getting power and the Taranis is calibrated.

Any help appreciated.

How is your connection Pixhawk - Missionplaner? You need that to get it working.

In reply to myself (and for the benefit of any other newbies), it’s all good.

I didn’t have the safety switch connected.

Now its working like a champ. :smiley:

Hi Fred,

That’s all up and running too thanks.

I even managed to get the telemetry working, finally !

Just need to get the heli flying well and start looking at a first test flight.