Does IRIS+ Require Parameter Changes When Adding Gimbal?

Just got my IRIS+ the other day. Did a couple low test flights without the gimbal and everythign ran smooth. Wanted to fly this weekend with the gimbal. I watch the gimbal install video for IRIS+ but also saw the old IRIS install video. The old video says that I need to load the IRIS + Gimbal param settings in MP. However the IRIS+ video has no mention of changing parameters. I know IRIS+ has custom firmware so I haven’t touched any setting in MP/APM Planner.

So question is does the IRIS+ require any parameter setting changes once the gimbal is attached??


From what I have read, the answer is no. At least there is no IRIS+ with Gimbal configuration file. Even if true, I’d love to understand how the single configuration file can work for both configurations.

Hey, in this video the guy shows where to adjust the settings to cope with the gimbal.

3DR IRIS - Installing and Operating a Gimbal: