Does DataFlash Log contain any Copter ID information?

I will soon review many copter logs from different drones and do not know how to associate a given log file with the copter that generated it. Do DataFlash log files contain any information that would allow me to identify the copter on which it was generated, like maybe a controller serial number?

You can give each one a unique BRD_SERIAL_NUM

There should be a message in each log that looks like:
2019-09-15 16:02:07 MatekF405-Win 00380035 464B5018 2038314

that is the “system identifer - board type and serial number”

I have looked everywhere in the DataFlash log for a line just like the one you have shown and cannot find it. Each line in my Pixhawk-generated files has a tag on it (e.g. GPS, CMD). Perhaps your Matek logs are different?

Nope they are not different. You just need to search again, it should be almost at the beginning of the file

One way to look at text messages in a dataflash log is with Here are the first 3 messages from a log:

$ --types MSG log34.bin
2019-09-15 16:02:07.37: MSG {TimeUS : 453638175, Message : ArduPlane V3.10.0-dev (a141bf4f)}
2019-09-15 16:02:07.37: MSG {TimeUS : 453638212, Message : ChibiOS: d443078c}
2019-09-15 16:02:07.37: MSG {TimeUS : 453638264, Message : MatekF405-Win 00380035 464B5018 2038314}

Or you could use Mission Planner (this is a different log and FC):

Got it, thank you! Still trying to discern the meaning of the info given by the MSG. In the example above, MSG 18026 puts out 4 data items. In my own log, I see a similar result:

I see above you stated this information represents “system identifier - board type and serial number”. “fmuv3” is my Pixhawk. Trying to sort out the other three numbers. Is this message documented anywhere? Only info I found was not very specific.

MSG: Textual messages

TimeUS Time since system startup
Message message text

Update: Fourth group of characters in my example appears to be the processor serial number. Still unclear what the second and third numbers represent.

According to Wikipedia, the STM32 device ID is 96 bits long; that is 3 32 bit words, 24 hex digits


Thanks for the responses, I appreciate your time!!