Does Ardupilot Support INA219 I2C Battery Monitoring?

For monitoring a second battery in Ardupilot does the generic-smbus setting (or any other setting for that matter) support the use of the INA219 V/I/P monitoring chip please? I have some of these and if suitable for the firmware they are an ideal solution to my monitoring.

My monitor device is something like this:

FYI my Ardupilot FC is a Matek F765WING, with external GNSS receiver/magnetometer, 0.96" OLED and airspeed pressure sensors on the two existing I2C links.

If this is unsupported I will make arrangements to use analog inputs for V & I.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I can tell that sensor would not be drop in supported by the generic-smbus monitor type as the registers are different for volts & current. It might be as easy to change the registers for that device and adapt some unused methods.

These are the smart battery registers we conform to.

Otherwise I’ve heard that scripting can do custom I2C devices and found an example here.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I will dig into the supported units, and also have a look at adding that to my LUA scripting.


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This might be close enough:


Thanks Peter. I will have a look and consider it for future revisions of my hardware. I am only breadboarding currently so have started grafting in analog power monitoring to the FC.

Nice! Ask and you shall receive around here! :laughing:

Saving this part number for later projects. How well did it work?

I just merged support for the INA231 battery monitor. I haven’t looked at the 219, but I expect it will be fairly close

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Yay! Thanks heaps for expending your effort on this :slightly_smiling_face: . That’s a nice capability to add.