Does antivirus (like McAfee) on PC affect MP in any way?

Just curious if having anti-virus like McAfee on your PC might affect MP connection to drone via WiFi. Any help is much appreciated.

I’ve never had a problem with Windows Defender. At work McAfee (enterprise version) is used extensively and it can be a little intrusive, needing exceptions added for some software like backups. I imagine a consumer version may be intrusive too, add an exception for the whole MP directory and also the MP exe’s

Thanks Shawn.
But does it affect telemetry or responsiveness in any way?

I’m not sure what McAfee could do to wifi and network connections - potentially it could affect things as the consumer AV products try to cover absolutely every posibility these days.
Add the exceptions or turn off McAfee and see if there’s any difference.

Thanks Shawn. I will try that