DOA Ublox Neo-7M?

Hi all,
I finally got my pixhawk today, so quickly threw together a quick build.
I bought a Ublox Neo-7M from HobbyKing, and I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with it.

I’m using the “MavSerial Pass” in order to connect u-center to the GPS, and I’m seeing a couple of strange things after successfully connecting to it:
-in Config View>USB, serial number is blank
-Text console (which is usually filled with nmea messages) is blank
-I am unable to load the 3DR-Ublox_NEO7 config file using u-center, I’m mostly getting timeout errors. Same if I try to dump the GPS config to file.

I have used u-center before, but never using a tcp link via mission planner (only usb-based gps units) so I have no idea if this is expected behavior or not.

Is my Ublox toast or is there something else going on?