DO_JUMP Functionality

Hey All,

It seems like if I draw some sort of repeating shape (like a box) and use the DO_JUMP command - the aircraft comes to a complete stop at the WP entry right before the DO_JUMP. This is present with the old and new waypoint path planning algorithms. Anyway to get the aircraft to just continue through? Right now I just draw the box/shape overlapping a lot of times.

Can you send the waypoint file?
Probably you have 4 points for a rectangle. Actually it should be 3.
After the third waypoint, do jump to 1.
When you do it with four, after the forth waypoint it will try to go to it again.
This is due to the velocity of the vehicle.
It will be far away more than wp radius at that time.
If it’s not the case, we can continue with some logs :slight_smile: and/or waypoint file.

Looks like I was mistaken and this issue has actually been fixed with the new path planning algorithm.

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